I have no Motivation!

My motivation for working and saving money has been lacking a lot lately. I need to set myself goals in order to stay motivated. Does that mean I have no self ambition or drive? Or am I just normal? Do I want to be normal? Sports used to force me to work out, because coaches would push you hard in practice. Now I have no one to push me, but my only motivation now is fear of looking like this guy.

In order for me to get to the gym and start saving money it takes a conscious effort in order to make any progress. It seems to come so natural for so many other people, but maybe that is just me complaining about my financial situation, and pretending that everyone has it easier. I have recently set a few new goals for myself. I just started working out again, for now I have chosen two nights a week to go to the gym after work. We have a gym at work, so it just makes sense to stay later while the traffic clears. So far so good, hopefully I can make it a habit. I have set certain weights that I want to be able to lift, and a particular distance that I want to be able to run.

As far as saving money goes, my 403(b) helps, but I need to save more cash. My goal for the end of 2010 is to have $5,000 in savings. I need to either setup an auto savings plan, or become more consistent with transferring money to savings. Currently my wife and I are throwing money towards debt, and bills but not enough towards the savings fund. This month we have to buy 4 new sets of tires, which will cost us $1300, and is a total progress downer. Then Christmas is coming up, so I guess there will never be the perfect month to save, but I just need to make it more of a priority. So I ask you experienced savers out there, what tricks or methods do you use to help make saving money a priority? How do you stay on the incline and not flat or declining? Do you have auto-savings plans? Do you pay yourself first?

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your feedback.

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David Henry said...

I hear you Matt. We've been discussing budget issues and trying to balance the needs of providing and preparing for kids, paying extra money on our house and still trying to save some is very difficult and doesn't really feel that fun. It does feel like to right thing to do, but I think it is somewhat abnormal in our culture, especially for our age group to be trying to make these kinds of decisions. I do think it is worth it and what we learn on the journey will probably be worth far more than the extra money we will have saved, because we have to confront those desires in ourselves that want to consume rather than save and meet our obligations. Good post cousin.

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