Delayed Gratification

I have to announce that I have been so proud of my wife lately! We recently moved into a new condo, (new for us, not a newly built condo) to check it out click here, and my wife has happily been decorating it fairly inexpensively. All our furniture was found on craigslist for a fraction of the original price. Her new hobby is searching for deals on craigslist. The reason I am proud is because we currently have a older TV on our entertainment piece (I think that is what she calls it), and it is more than obvious that the TV is too small for the piece of furniture.

This piece of furniture was built to perfectly hold a 46" Samsung LED TV, but currently we have settled for a 22" memorex wanna be flat screen. We could have easily gone out and bought a brand new flat screen TV with one of our credit cards, or signed up for a 0% interest for 12 months deal, but we decided to wait and pay cash. My wife and I both know that once we get a flat screen, we will eventually want cable, then HDTV, then a Blue Ray player, and on and on. We want to be able to afford these small luxuries without getting in over our heads. Some of you might be thinking, why do you even need a flat screen? We don't need one truthfully, but it is something that we want to save up for. Just like many of you who went out and bought a new macbook pro. It is a luxury, but not a necessity. My wife loves decorating and making our place feel like home and this TV has been ruining the entire feng shui of our condo. I am proud of her for being patient with me as we save up for it. Our place does not look perfect in her eyes yet, but one day soon. A little delayed gratification will make it so much better to walk out of the store with a paid for flat screen TV.

What are the small luxuries in your life that you had to save up for? Was the delayed gratification worth it?

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Anonymous said...

I disagree. A Macbook Pro is a TOTAL necessity! Haha! ;)

I didn't save up for my Macbook, as my Gateway had just crashed and burned, and I needed a computer for work/school, especially for work.

Hm... Actually, I guess we're not saving up for anything right now. Since I've gone the minimalist route, I don't want much of anything, but I definitely support saving up and paying for big purchases with cash! :)

Anonymous said...

Red is a smart woman. You should listen to her. Cash is king and I can't wait to watch movies on your LED TV!!!! Do work son.

Matt said...

Red, I agree. I definitely want to watch out from becoming another normal consumer that buys every new product available. Ninja, I think we are going to get a LCD since they are so much cheaper and essentially the same.

Anonymous said...

@Matt Definitely not! It's good that you have your head on your shoulders. As long as what you have does its job, there's no reason to get every model upgrade on the market. :)

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