I LOVE MY 403(b)!

In the last month my Roth 403 (b) benefits kicked in for work. I contribute 6% of my paycheck and my work will match it with 7%. I must say that I am loving this new savings vehicle. I love that it never hits my checking account. At times when I take money from my checking account and move it into Savings, it feels like I am taking money away and taking all the fun out of life. Sometimes my wife will see that we had a large deposit in our account and she will take a fresh breath of air, and then find out I took a bunch and moved it into savings, and I become the kid that you don't bring along to parties.

I love my 403(b), because it is consistently growing. I check the account every few weeks or so and I can see that it has moved up a few hundred dollars more. It is encouraging because I know my Net worth will be growing little by little. My savings can go up and down at times, because of unforeseen circumstances, car breaks down, or currently we need new tires for both cars. The 403(b) will not be impacted by my daily life, it will continue going about its own business.

Sure I will not see this money for a long time, but that is the great thing. If I could access this money now, I would figure out some excuse to use it on something I really "NEED". I can think of plenty of ways to spend a couple hundred bucks every couple weeks. So for those of you out there with 401(k)'s, 403 (b)'s, or automatic savings plans, have you told them you love them lately? But seriously do find that when money never touches your checking account it is easier to save money?


Anonymous said...

I want to make sweet sweet love to my 401k plan. It has been a loyal and faithful servant over the three years I've used and abused it. I'm stoked to watch your progress man. Keep us posted!

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