Volume of Love

I always wondered why Christ would tell the disciples to keep quiet about this revelation that He was the messiah. I do not know if Rollins directly answers this question, but he does paint his own picture of what it might mean. On page 73 he says, "We can understand this when we grasp how affirming Christ as the Messiah is not a verbal act but rather is testified through ones life." Over the fourth of July Ashley and I went with some Friends to Las Vegas. Neither of us had ever been. It is something everyone should go experience once, but two days was enough for me. :) Anyways, on the fourth there was this crowd of Christians yelling into Megaphones that Christ was the Messiah, and that people should trust in Jesus. As we have found many times before this turns a lot of people away from Christ than it does bring people to Christ. This was a verbal act that tried to affirm that Christ was the messiah in the world, but the affects it had on people were minimal. If this group got creative and met the needs of the people in Las Vegas perhaps Christ might have been testified through their lives. It was a hot Fourth of July, maybe they could have passed out free ice cold water as a gift, and wished people a happy independence day. I dont know, just something to show that God loves them, and they love them. How loudly we scream that God loves other people really doesn't matter, what matters is how gentle are our actions of love towards others. Does our love take the time to see the hurts and pains in other people, or do we stop in our busy lives to take extra care of the people we interact with each day.

My prayer is that God would be testified in my life today and the next, and that people would see God's love coming out of me in the way that I act.


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