I Love People! I love the differences in personalities, culture, diversity, and social dynamics that all kinds of people provide. I love how 50 different people don't have the same laugh. People make life interesting as you try figure "someone out". I have been with my wife, dating and married, for almost four years and I still don't have her figured out. I love learning what makes other people tick. People's lives are focused on different avenues of life, because people have different passions, upbringings, talents, and dreams. I need other people to feel apart of something. I love coming home from a long night of being out with friends or staying home with friends. People make you feel more alive than ever. I would be lying if I didn't admit that there is another side to people.

I Hate People! Some people just annoy the crap out of you. The way that some people are wired is nothing at all like you are wired. People do things that you just can't stand. Some people are loud eaters, or always need to be the center of attention or discussion. Some people enjoy different things than you do, so you really just cannot find anything to connect with. One of my biggest problems with love is loving these kinds of people. They didn't do anything to deserve my dislike, but I just dislike them because of their differences. It may sound like I am contradicting myself, but we all at different times love differences and hate differences in people.

I have been merely attempting to focus in on those people in my life that bother me for different reasons. What I am trying to do is see them as broken people. That person that annoys me, because of their constant need for affirmation and attention, is probably acting like that because they are desperetely trying to feel loved and accepted. I am broken in so many ways, and so are other people all over this earth. All I can do is take the time to look into their lives and actions and realize that they desire what I desire, We all want to feel loved! In my quest to learn to love, I am learning that not only do I need to learn to love more, I also need to learn to be loved. I need to realize that as a Human being I need love. I need to feel the loving touch of my wife, or the loving, and encouraging words of a friend. I love people, I hate people, but the thing about people is we all are people. We are People, craving for other people, to love us people.


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