Contentment in Uncertainty

New to Blogging!!!

I am in a stage of life where there is a lot of uncertainty ahead. I just finished my Master's Degree in May and now the question is what to do next? I have had some leads about what might be interesting to do for a job, but nothing has really settled in. Ashley has been a huge support to me by encouraging me to follow my passions and not settle for any career. Happiness is not found in the highest paying job, but one that lines up with your passions. The most exciting part of life right now is that Ashley and I are headed into this uncertainty together. We know that we have each other and the support of friends and family. I am very thankful for my life at this point in time, and for what a blessing different people have been in my life. I am thankful for Ashley and the constant support and friend she has been to me. I do not know what is ahead, but I can find contentment in these uncertain times.


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